"A customer is the most important person of our enterprise. He isn't dependent on us, we are dependent on him. He doesn't represent any source of irritation to our work as he is its basic cause and purpose. He isn't an outsider to our business. On the contrary he is part an parcel of it. We don't do him a favor to serve him. More over he does us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve him."

Mahatma Gandhi



CID (Computational Intelligence for Development) is a company involving a group of AI researchers and highly skilled IT experts. Our scope is to give high-tech solutions for our customers. Using the latest Artificial Intelligence models and technologies, our team is able to provide complete efficient software solutions for complex optimization problems.

The members of our research team are internationally acknowledged senior researchers with articles published in international scientific papers and results presented at international conferences.

Creativity, expertise, teamwork and coordination together with the use of the latest scientific computational models and IT technologies make CID an excellent choice for our clients.
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